Top 4 Ways to Stay Healthy In 2018



Here are the Top 5 ways to stay fit and healthy in 2018…..


1  . Calisthenics/ crossfit/ Gyming


GET Physical now! No more excuses, You can no longer say you don’t have the equipment, or the guidance or the time! (It takes only 15 mins every other day!) Take your pick of what activity suits you, stick with it for at least 3 months.

2. Find a diet that suits you, even on the worst of days

There are many diets out there: Paleo, vegan, carb loading, cyclical, etc etc, This site however advocates a ketogenic or a Diet Low in carbs and higher in fats.

The Main Point is that the diet should work for you, and should sustain you through your work filled day without creating cravings, hunger, irritability and without affecting your work performance. It’s completely your choice, but so far, only a diet high in fats, medium in proteins and low in carbohydrates has met this criteria.

ketogenic diet


3. Get a fitness & Diet Accountability Buddy

Going at it alone requires motivation, willpower and constant self evaluation, EACH OF THOSE ARE FICKLE AND FLEETING!

Find someone who’ll go on this journey with you, or someone who’s alrady on a fitness journey, and every day, without fail,…

Exchange a message with them and ask them about how they are doing on their fitness journey, ask them about their diet and keep each other motivated…

And if a lapse does happen for an invalid reason, be frank and tell your accountability buddy about it. Hopefully you’ll find a friend on him or her. Feel free to check out our Instagram account for potential accountability buddies, and also signup to our email newsletter for a future accountability program. Spread the word and motivate others

For now, these 2  Apps help you stay motivated in fitness:

Pact – get paid to workout (IOS | Android )

Lark – AI health coach will interact with you (IOS | Android )


4. Say YES to discomfort


Our Primary Barrier to fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the constant habit of saying “NO” to anything that disrupts your comfort. You have to get over this!

Someone you know goes for a walk, go with them!

Say yes : to treks!

to skipping a meal if you’re too busy (not a problem on keto)

and to a short 15 mins working out in your room after you brush your teeth.

to progress! and to improving yourself!

Say Yes to helping Motivate others!

Just Say Yes to yourself in the mirror, it’s been too long, you deserve a change now and you deserve a healthier life!

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