Keto lchf diet for children

To Parents Who Want To Help Their Children Get Better Immunity (Eliminate Sugar).

There are quite a few studies which show the link between a diet low in carbs and high in healthy fats to be beneficial to everyone’s immune systems and keep them healthier for longer.


On the other hand, introducing sugars into the diet, even if it’s from all natural sources like fruits, can have a bad effect on immunity. Obviously, this is not meant to reflect our views on all fruits, it’s just to remind you to think of all forms of hidden sugars, specifically those that are found in the almost cosmetic ones, that have been extensively modified (artificially) in today’s day and age to be sweeter and larger than their original counterparts.

Low carb diets and ketosis help the immune system science

Please read that last paragraph on the image once more.

This article is not to sell you on keto for kids, as a parent you have every right to make sure that your children have a well balanced diet throughout their life.


There are other articles on this site which tell you how amazing a low carb and high fat diet is for your body. This one however will explain how you can improve you’re child’s immunity, mental Performance and physical performance by removing the hidden carbs and sugars in almost all processed food.



Even in the milk boxes kids get in school.

hidden sugar in your foods and how to avoid them


“At some point, did you think: What if, all me and my beloved child snacked on were fruits, that won’t hurt her will it?”

Think again!


fruits in lchf and keto

Have a look at this one too:

How much sugar have you poisoned your child with today? check out the short video to understand a little more of that.


The effect of these sugars which sneak into everything, over time, will results in much larger appetites that needed, fat gain, reduced immunity, reduced mental performance and higher changes of disorders and diseases at a later point in life.

In fact, If you plan to have kids in the future, you need to lose weight before conception or you may be setting them up for a whole variety of health issues, as explained in the video below.


You’ll find many contradicting perspectives online, here I’ll give you once such link you can read below, remember the foods mentioned in the following link and compare it to the pictures and videos in this article, the sources listed below and to other articles on the site. 

And I agree with that article! Simply removing the carbs will mess you up; unless you replace them with good saturated fats and good protein!

Otherwise you’re just starving yourself and your family of nutrition!

If you’re new to low carb diets and ketosis just have a look at whats possible in the next image and decide for yourself, then take your time and read why butter builds better bodies.


Simply removing the sugar filled foods from your family’s plates will help them a lot, once these carbohydrates like bread, pasta, soft drinks, and fruit juices are removed, make sure you replace them with healthy alternatives, shown in the two images below.

alternatives to carb and suagr based food for lchf or keto


Think about what you want for the future of your health and your child’s health. Don’t you want them to thank you for raising them in a healthy way?


do you want to face animosity from them when they grow up and ask you why you didn’t make a healthy choice?

You can proceed to check out why and how the world and all of media became anti-fat here.


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