Things You Can Buy to Help with Keto

Keto Meal Shake

Packed full of your flavor, and tastes like sweet cereal. (add a little stevia). It’s a complete¬† keto meal in a mug with all macronutrient ratios required for the keto diet. When it’s tough to find keto food on the go, or you just want to skip the hassle one day, this really helps in saving time and effort.

If you’ve been keto adapted before, you know that hunger and cravings on the keto diet are minimized. in All honestly though we can have all the delicious food that others can’t sometimes, a change in texture is very very refreshing, and this acts as a good break. They have 4 flavors you can choose from.

Exogenous Ketones

These exogenous ketones really help in the first 2 weeks of starting the ketogenic diet when your body is adapted to the new diet. Until your body starts producing it’s own ketones efficiently, many people get side effects like fatigue, low motivation, brain fog etc. These side effects can be skipped with Exogenous ketones, which can be mixed into any drink.

Keto Small Meal Bar

You’re on keto, you get hungry, everyone around is eating unhealthy carb filled food, you feel cravings sneaking up on you, you know you need something to satisfy your stomach before you cave into the craving.¬†
Eat this bar of chocolate goodness, don’t share. (It comes in a 12 piece pack)

Adjustable Dumbell set for home workouts

Do you want the ability to workout with a variety of weights for different muscle groups, but don’t want the hassle of storing, cleaning, and maintaining multiple dumbbells at home? then this is for you.

Exogenous ketone pills

When you don’t want to make, drink, mix, or prepare any ketone drink for the keto diet, but still want the benefit of ketones, especially during the first 2 weeks of starting the diet, or especially after a night drinking, or cheating on your diet, then these easy bhb pills will help you.

Please remember that we do not advocate consuming BHB exogenous ketones throughout the your diet, think of them as training wheels on a kid’s bicycle. They are good for support until you get going on your own. Let your body use up your fat to create it’sown ketones.

Electrolyte Mix

Sodium, Potassium and magnesium are extremely crucial on the keto diet, especially in the first 2 weeks of adapting to it. They are very important in avoiding kidney stones and maintaining health while you’re on keto. You can completely avoid heart palpitations, fatigue, breathlessness, headaches and other keto flu issues people suffer through while on a ketogenic diet. Follow the instructions on the box, and have them everyday.