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How To Survive The First 40 Days Working Out On The Keto Diet

If you already exercise regularly or if you want to start exercising while on the Keto diet, this article is for you:

Why the first 40 days suck

In the first 2 weeks of starting the keto diet you lose a lot of water weight and as a result…

you lose many minerals which optimize your body’s strength, energy, and focus.

The next 2 weeks after that is when your body normalizes it’s mineral balance if you take the proper measures, and the 5th week is when you start feeling like yourself again, and can get motivated to exercise, only to find out that you’ve lost some strength during the month.

Yup, I know how demotivating this sounds, but keep reading if you want to avoid all of that and have a smooth ride through the journey.

I suggest you also check out these articles on why you lose essential minerals, and how to maintain mineral balance

Why exercise speeds it up

15 mins of a High Intensity Workout routine, makes weight loss easy, fast, hassle free and efficient. This effect is compounded during ketosis, and weight loss becomes easier if your body is used to a HIIT routine when you start ketosis.

How you can safely hack the process for better, faster results

The High energy and clarity of mind that people have in the keto diet comes when the body produces ketones to be used as the primary source of energy by the body, and goes off using glucose. How ever this comes at the cost of the inconvenience mentioned above.

However, You can safely cheat and get into the high energy state of nutritional ketosis within a few days andĀ skip most of the misery as your body transitions out of using Glucose and into using ketones.

The Answer is to consume Exogenous Ketones:

Here are 3 brands you can try:
InstaKetones ($25.99)Keto Fast ($45.95)Keto Drive ($56.02)


Your body already knows how to use ketones for energy in it’s normal glucose (sugar/carb) fueled state, It just can’t produce them for you unless you get into ketosis first.

During the Keto Diet, you’re allowed to have 20gms to 30gms of carbs a day, ideally the best time to have those carbs is 30 mins before your High Intensity workout routine.

Once you are in sustained ketosis after a month or so, your body becomes “keto adapted” and as a result, your efficiency in exercise (and the rest of life) increases several fold. You get better endurance, lower fatigue andĀ  in continues to improve over time,

I’m sure you’ll also come across phrases like “Carb cycling” and “cheat days”. Honestly, unless you’re already fit and do a good amount of physically changeling exercises, Just avoid that if you’re serious about losing your fat.




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