How The World Became Anti-Fat

When the ketogenic diet, or even a normal low carb high fat diet is so good for you, how did the whole world become so ANTI-fat in the first place?

Was it advertisers? Product manufacturers? The sugar lobby?

All of the above played a part! however, to rise to power and wealth, they used a flawed study by a man named – ANCEL KEYS!


His initial study showed a correlation between high fat diets and seven western countries.

However for whatever reason, he did not include 22 other countries and didn’t include the variability of lifestyle, nutrients, and other contributing factors.

Sugar hurts everyone

Why the Ancel keys study is flawed is still debated among many, many he didn’t have the budget and time needed for a more comprehensive study, or maybe it was another reason.

Regardless of that, companies who had sugar based products saw this as an opportunity to boost their sales while standing on the shoulders of “scientific research” by Mr. Ancel keys.

Those increased sales of low grade food, marketed as healthy led to the following image:


If you read the text in the image above, you’ll see that it’s the government telling people to not eat fat and animal products and instead eat whole grain foods.

Please understand that their stance changes from time to time. Depending on popular culture and the food corporations who can lobby (bride) their sales pitch into laws.

Using back channels, good marketing and contacts these companies used the FDA, heart association, doctors association to further their agenda.

They fast tracked this flawed study to the forefront of the health and nutrition podium of the time.

….and made sure that their cherry picked study got all the promotion, fame and marketing it needed.

They could then use it as a back bone to sell their sodas, breads, cereals, candy bars, sweetened fruit juices, cake mixes, chips, fries, dip, etc.

Many other studies of the time which contradicted the Ancel keys study were never given the lime light needed to fight big business.

This opened the doors to the sugar industry, and over the past 30 years, we as a society, have been normalized to almost everything we eat tasting a little sweet. (have a look at this easy way to tackle diabetes through a good diet.)

We’ve been accustomed to almost every single product you see on the shelf containing some form of added sugar, or artificial sweetener.

This makes sure that even if you’re eating or drinking something with an artificial “zero calorie” sweetener, (which can be even worse for you!) you are programmed  through behavior to constantly expect a sweet taste on almost every product never diminishes.

On the flip side, if you’re still anti-fat, You may ask:

Risk of high cholesterol!?

What about heart attack risk?!

Should I worry about clogged arteries!? 

My favorite which everyone says – “Won’t I harm myself from consuming this much saturated Fat?”

There are five different types of HDL and there are five different types of LDL and they do not behave the same way in your body.

Please have a look at this comprehensive book-
The Great Cholesterol Con

  • Heart disease is not caused by saturated fat nor elevated blood cholesterol;
  • People with low cholesterol levels live shorter lives;
  • Populations consuming high saturated fat diets often enjoy very low rates of heart disease;
  • Many dietary recommendations made by ‘experts’ to reduce heart disease have actually been shown in animal and human studies to increase heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity;
  • The primary force behind the anti-cholesterol paradigm is not public health, but profit!

This video attached below will break it all down for you. Just  share this entire article with someone you’d like to convince of the keto diet.

Share this with a family member who’s calling you crazy for eating more fat. Also share it with your nutritionist who’ll tell you to eat less fat.

If you disagree, please feel free to let me know why I am wrong and why the videos in this article are wrong.

Hopefully you’ll comment after you see at least one of them in it’s entirety.

if you’re curious about the diet, or have doubt’s about the comforts you’ll be giving up, remember to have a look at our article on amazing, sugar-free, lowcarb, high energy bacon jam



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How the world became anti-fat
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How the world became anti-fat
Biology teaches us that the human body is amaing at using good healthy fats for energy, so where does all the anti-fat sentiment stem from in the media?
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