Hiking is the best for weightloss and a healthy life

Can’t Start Working Out? Just Get The Hike Out!

If you’re someone who simply can’t find the rhythm or motivation needed to even start semi-regular workouts and exercise, the best thing to kick start your progress is a hike.

Yes! a hike.

Not, a run.

Not, a jog in a park.

But, A Hike.


This will seem counteractive to readers, but when you’re someone who’s struggling to even get started on doing 10 push-ups a day, and keeps postponing a simple exercise for whatever reason. The best way to find that motivation you’re looking for to get into a more active lifestyle is a short, easy, hike.

Motivation to actively stay fit and exercise is hard to find in a crowded, busy day and definitely not your first priority when you want to simply relax on the weekends.


No matter how wide and white a smile the exercise models have in advertisements, the reality is that, when you’re first starting out, and only when you’re first starting out, working out kinda sucks. In-fact the dropout rates from traditional gyms are highest in the first month of joining the gym.

The  conviction and perseverance required to follow through on your new workout routine or any other new undertaking or plan, is fleeting if you don’t see an immediate benefit for you.

Why do you think so many people fail at new years resolutions? One of the reasons is that the human brain is simply resilient to change without experiencing first hand, the fruits of it’s labor.


You may think workouts sucks because your mind and body tells you it’s tiring and annoying.

The reality is, it sucks at first, because it’s boring and un-rewarding.

As Humans, we are very visual creatures who are wired to look for immediate rewards and constantly calculate the potential rewards of any effort we take.



If you’re already fit, the mirrors in the gym or your house after a workout give your brain the hit of satisfaction your eyes were looking for.

If you aren’t fit, you’re not going to be as motivated when you look in a mirror.

This obsession the human subconscious has with measuring progress, and having it visually represented is what has given rise to the modern trend of footstep trackers, heart rate monitors, fitness tracking apps in your phone and other devices.


However they only graze the surface of the problem, true progress happens when your body and mind automatically register the benefits of an activity without you having to think about it.

When it comes to starting workouts, no other activity other than being active for an hour or so in nature comes close to achieving that pleasure response your inner mind is looking for, your brain instantly lights up with pleasure and you feel peaceful.

At the end of a hike, maybe you’ll be tired, sleepy and annoyed…


….But after a good night’s rest, you’ll be far more conscientious, present in the moment, mentally aware and motivated when it comes to food and exercise choices.

The hike removes you from the concrete, environment you are used to, it removes you from the flat surface roads you are used to and puts you smack in the middle of nature in an environment your body is meant to grow in.


This allows deeply wired natural instincts to take over and kick-starts the process of getting you ready to tackle the physical challenges before you in your city life, without any extra motivation needed from your side.


However there are somethings you must make sure you absolutely do.

  • Don’t stuff yourself full of food and carbs before the hike, a reasonably portioned high-fat, high protein breakfast without any carbs or sugars is all you should have before starting out.
  • Carry a backup protein bar as an emergency last resort.
  • Stay hydrated with water and if you’d like: This sugar free electrolyte solution
  • Start with an easy hike that is similar to a walk in the woods. 
  • Use common sense.
  • Go with friends, family or many of the hiking enthusiast groups you can find on Facebook.

This one act of going on a hike, will be all you need to kick start the motivation behind getting yourself into better shape at home or in a gym.

Not to mention, if you’re an absolute beginner at a low carb lifestyle, or someone who hasn’t exercised for a long time have a look at why a short 15 min exercise is good enough for you to start with.

A hike is the best way to reorient your mind to your renewed fitness and diet goals.