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6 Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Protein Bars For Keto Cravings On The Road

Yes the high levels of sustained energy you get when you’re keto adapted is amazing, but sometimes, when you’re on the road or when your friends eat a snack in front of you, those cravings just seem to sneak their way under your skin and scratch at you from the inside. sometimes you need low carb high fat protein bars for the keto diet

One fine day you’re going to give into the cravings if you haven’t already, and then you’ll feel HANGRY (angry + hungry)


It’s fine we’ve all been there and gone through that…

more than anything, one common statement we hear time and time again is……


“If only I had something keto-friendly to snack on, then I wouldn’t have caved to the damn cravings”

Anyone on the keto diet understands this, unlike other diet based products, keto-friendly products aren’t as famous, though they are quite available when you look for them, they just aren’t common names among the carb crazy world around you.

Before I get to listing the products you’ll buy down the line, let me first send you a few links to a few good homemade bars too, in case you’ll prefer that another time:

Here: homemade protein bars

And here:

And now moving on to what you can easily buy and keep as a regular snack:

1.  Paleo Primal ($29.99)

compare top keto protien bars

How it looks:

top buy lchf protein bar

2. Quest Bars (12 pack) (28.17)

top keto friendly protein bars

How it Looks:

best lchf snacks

3 . Better than coffee ($22.69)

top high at low carbohydrate snacks and chocolates

Here is how it looks:

low carb diet food

4. Keto Crave ($34.98)

keto protein bars5. RX Bar ($21.99)

keto snacks on the road

6. Keto-Brownie bar ($29.99)

Here are a few other snacks which have made the list:


Know Better Cookies (Low carb)($10)

Fat Snax Cookies (12 pieces)($22.98)

best keto friendly cookies to buy on amazon under $30

Hopefully these ketogenic protein bars for the keto diet helped you a little, and you can bookmark or save this link elsewhere to come back to it at a later time.

So if you find yourself feeling like this when you’re surrounded by carbs, fruits,  and sugars 24/7….


All you need to do is pick up a keto-friendly protein bar, or any keto snack and just dig in like this….


Please share this article with a friend who can use it, and don’t forget to check out our awesome, super easy recipe for keto-friendly fried chicken

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