37 Keto friendly, low carb snacks to buy on amazon for the holidays.

For those days when you simply can’t be bothered to deal with cooking a keto meal, I’ve listed 37 Keto, low carb and paleo friendly products in this article.

Why don’t you go ahead and add them to your shopping cart in amazon and keep them there until you are ready to buy them.

(many of them will go out of stock as the December holiday season comes forth.)

Even though I’d be the first guy to advocate for a home cooked meal and fresh cooked food everyday, I completely understand that time commitments, life commitments and even simple lack of cooking skills, all play a big part in why most people can’t stay consistent with eating keto food.

These are simply snacks, but if you’re looking for pre-made keto meals, we’ll be adding a list of those too.

when something in this list catches your eye – Simply Click on the links or on the images below

1 . One of my absolute favorite things about the keto diet is that you can snack on chocolate!


A.  Low Carb Chocolate Covered Nuts (click here) ($10.6)

Guilt free nutty munchies for those late night cravings, when you want to eat something naughty.

buy keto chocolate snacks online
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B .Sugar Free Keto Friendly Chocolate Bars (click here) ($60.75)

A Premium Pack of brilliantly filling sugar free chocolate bars, that’s just perfect for the holidays with some warm bulletproof coffee.

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B. Choc Zero, 70% dark chocolate, sugar free (click here) ($23.99)

Dark chocolate that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and ready for the winter, without adding to your waistline. (when in moderation)

Keto friendly sugar free dark chocolate
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C .Keto Bark ($14.99)( click here)

Stone ground almonds with sea salt mixed in with premium dark chocolate, with no added sugar.

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d. Atkins Fudge Bars ($5.88)(Click here)

The old favorite, Atkins Fudge bars, A must have for the holidays when you have friends and family over.

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e. Fat Snax Cookies 12 cookies ($33.25)(click here)

Nothing saying comfort food like cookies, and just because you’re on a low carb diet, does not mean you shouldn’t indulge in these Low Carb Diet friendly cookies from Fat Snax.

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2. Sausages, packed with nutrients, and very healthy for you (if made well without the corn starch fillers.)


a. Snack on these delicious keto friendly Dried Beef Sausage sticks. ($33.10)(click here)

Nothing says keto snack like some lovely dried, tasty, healthy and hearty bites of salty meat.

keto friendly, no starch, dried beef
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b. Spicy jerky pack of six ($49.99)(click here)

A pack of 6 will make sure you’re holiday’s jerky needs are met well.

buy keto food and low carb snacks
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c. Pork Rinds (starts at $6)(click here)

It’s cheap, keto friendly, perfect for any snack on the low carb diet, and makes for great munchies in front of the TV. Simply put them into a beautiful bowl and serve them with some keto friendly dips.

Buy pork rinds for keto diet
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Affordable keto snacks
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Or Try any of these other similar products…

Keto Crane jerky ($26.99) 

All natural, no fillers, high quality meat, well flavored and very keto friendly.

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Non-GMO, grassfed, jerky, keto friendly and soy free ($23.95)

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3. Everything’s better with dips, and sauces, isn’t it?

Get The must have kit by primal kitchen ($44.74) (click here)

I don’t care what time of the year it is, when you need to add some MUCH NEEDED variety and flavor to your keto/ Low Carb or Paleo diet, then kit from Primal Kitchen is a MUST HAVE. Their dips, dressings and sauces go well with pretty much everything.

lchf keto dips dressings sauce toppings
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Keto / Paleo Sugar Free Maple Syrup ($10) (Click here)

Things like these make you say – “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY”
It feels, tastes, smells, spreads just like maple syrup, there is no added sugar and it’s only 1g net carb per serving and it’s very affordable!!

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4. Keto Crackers and Nuts


A. Low Carb Crackers ($17.99)(click here)

Get the same crunch and feel of carby crackers without the carbs, great for appetizers and just general nibbling. It Goes great with Guacamole, butter, cheese or even better,  some hazelnut spread.

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B. Low Carb Chocolate Hazelnut spread ($8.98)(2g net carbs for 2 tablespoons)(click here)

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C. Sea Salted and Roasted Macadamia Nuts ($30.50)(Click here)

Get a few boxes of these into a bowl in any gathering and just let the people enjoy themselves with salty nutty goodness. Remember nuts are a must to give you essential minerals while you’re on the keto diet.

macadamia nuts for the low carb high fat diet
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D. Brazil Nuts ($10) (Click here)

you can snack on brazil nuts during the keto diet or low carb diet
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E. NOOSH Keto Almond Butter ($17.99) (Click here)

You may not need this, but if you can try it out, you won’t regret it. Make sure this fat laded almond butter gets a little company with any of the yummy snacks mentioned above.

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F. Salted Macadamia Nut Butter ($24.99)(click here)

THAT NAME THOUGH …. nutty buttery delicious.

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5. Ketogenic  and Low carb friendly breads, rice and pasta on amazon.

a. SmartBuns ($38.95) (Click here)

YES this is quite expensive, but good quality keto buns with good texture, taste and mouth feel are difficult to come by. If you are absolutely missing the feeling and taste of bread in your mouth, you can try these low carb smart buns.

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b. ThinSlim Low carb bread, 1 net gm carb per slice ($16)(Click here)

This one kinda speaks for it’s self, if you want sandwiches in these holidays, you may as well try this.

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c. Cauliflower Pizza crust  ($12.95 per piece when you buy a box of 5) (Click here)


It’s definitely something to splurge on, but if you have pizza craving, DON’T LOSE THE PROGRESS YOU’VE WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE. This is a good investment to keep you on the path to weight-loss success while staying low carb. Hey you can even make it at home with some effort.

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d. Skinny Pasta (pre-cooked), 4 gms net carb per serving ($22.99 for a pack of 6)(Click here) 

Of all the times I cheated on the keto diet, 80% was because of pasta.
We won’t have to face that problem anymore with Skinny Pasta.


e. Riced Cauliflower ($7.99)(Click here)

Sometimes, we just need some rice in our meals, we miss it, we want it, we like it. Many of us cheat and say to ourselves – “I’ll just have a little”

….You know that’s a lie, luckily you can add this riced cauliflower to your pantry today for when the mood strikes you tomorrow.

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f. Coconut Wraps 5 piece Pack ($6.39) (Click Here)

Basically- Coconut flower based Tortillas, They taste awesome and feel just like normal Carby Tortillas. Try them tonight with some minced meat, some guacamole and some of the keto friendly dressing mentioned above.

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6. keto and low carb friendly Cheese Based snacks on amazon

A. Cheese bar Snacks (24 bars) ($23.89)(Click here)

Eating plain cheese while on keto can get boring and after a while it feels gross in your mouth, at least it does in mine. That’s why you can try these crunchy, toasted and dreamy cheese based wonder bars to keep your cheese needs at bay and maintain your macros during the ketogenic or low carb diet.

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B. Moon Cheese, pack of four ($19.95)(Click here) 

Made with a special Radiant energy vacuum technology, which changes the texture of pepper jack cheese to something outta this world (get it?).
It’s a perfect snack for the keto and paleo diet.

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C. Crunchy Cheese Crisps, pack of two ($12.49)(Click Here)

Want a crunchy, ketogenic or low carb replacement for potato chips, this is it. 

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7. Keto Coffee products.

A. Keto Coffee Pods ($19.99)(Click here)

No more noisy blender, oily mess, or dirty dishes. Imagine making the perfect cup of keto coffee in seconds to fuel your day. All the benefits of bulletproof energy without the hassle.

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B. Coffee Creamer Keto friendly ($28.47)(Click here)

If you want that milky texture, and want a keto – friendly creamer in your coffee, one which is sugar free, then this is it.

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C. Keto+Organic Flavored Coffee pods. 24 cups, ($15.75) (click here)

Wanna try something fun with the family in the holidays, how about some ketogenic coffee, with the flavors or banana, melon and the traditional chocolate and cream.

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D. Ketogenic High Performance Instant Coffee Mix, 15 servings ($14.00)(Click here)

By far one of the most affordable of the list, this instant coffee mix will also make sure you have almost no hassle with your morning cup of ketogenic coffee, just add hot water and you have your bulletproof buttery coffee ready to chug down and start your day.

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8. Keto and Low carb friendly cake, pancake, brownie mixes.

A. Gluten free brownie mix ($12.49) (click here)

Nothing says Christmas like brownies, but making keto friendly or low carb brownies from scratch is annoying, messy and leaves you with more work than pleasure. Instead try this Brownie mix to make sure you can still enjoy the Christmas dessert flavors without getting rid of your amazing progress and dedication on a low carb diet.

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B . Cinnamon Donut Mix ($13.99) (Click here)

Yes, that is right, donuts, which you can eat while you’re on the ketogenic diet! Don’t you just love the smart people who make such things!! A definite addition to your pantry.

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C. Low Carb Flour 5 pounds (Not strictly Ketogenic) ($23.39)(Click here) 

If your still looking for a more affordable option, then here is some low carb flower, but it’s not strictly ketogenic.

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D. Paleo Pancake mix, 5 gms carbs per pancake, 72 ounces, family pack ($39.99)(click here)

Give into your cravings during the holidays with these paleo friendly pancakes. dress them with the ketogenic maple syrup mentioned above.

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We will update the list regularly, If there are more products you’d like to see on this list, please feel free to send us a message.

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